Marijuana Clips

Consumers can purchase marijuana clips for sale online. A secure alligator clip hangs on to any joint, blunt or cigarette. Therefor reducing unsightly finger stains. Eliminates smelly odors on your hands.

Welcome to my hand crafted marijuana clips website. The roach clips are made with high quality steel alligator clips. Designs securely clip on to whatever you’re smoking. You don’t have to touch it. Save your fingers! You can smoke joints down to nothing. Saves you money, never waste your smoke again. Marijuana clips are often used in place of marijuana pipes or herbal vaporizers. Roach clips create conversations while smoking a big phatty with friends. Collectors do have fun adding all the styles.

Beaded tassels marijuana clips.
Beaded tassels marijuana clips.

Custom Hand Crafted Marijuana Clips

Create your own hand crafted marijuana clips. I love to bead. I’ve been beading for over 40 years. Almost anything can be beaded to a beautiful design. Each bead is double stitched. Colors as unlimited. Roach clips are the most popular among 420 pot heads. Beads come in a variety of materials like ceramic, glass, stone or durable composite plastics.

Have your special bong, marijuana pipe or even your vaporizers beaded to artful love.

Your orders will come to you privately. All sales are shipped in secure packages. Unmarked and very discrete arrivals.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to create your work of 420 art.

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